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Whats available?

If you're thinking of buying a Mazda, we've a range of flexible and cost effective finance packages to meet your needs. Our friendly finance experts will make everything easy to understand and will work out a solution that fits with your individual financial circumstances.

Once you’ve set your heart on a Mazda, you’ll start thinking about how you’re going to get that car key in your hand. We’ll be there to help with a range of plans that are tailored to suit your finances. Why not talk to our Sales Team today? Or go straight to our offers and see how your dream Mazda really can become a reality.

Mazda Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Are you the kind of person who likes to regularly update the car you drive? This plan allows shorter term finance agreements, so you can change your car more often. And you also have the flexibility later on to keep, return or exchange your Mazda. It’s also nice to know that with this plan you are protected against any fall in used car prices by a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV).

Mazda Conditional Sale

This is the most common way of paying for your car. It’s simple and flexible, allowing you to spread the cost of ownership over equal instalments. Simply arrange the deposit and repayment period with your dealer, agree your repayments (based on how much is left to pay, plus interest where applicable), and you’re away.

Mazda Personal Contract Hire

If you want to take control of a car for an agreed period and wish to benefit from the advantages that contract hire can offer, Mazda Personal Contract Hire could be the right choice for you. This finance product allows you to take a car for an agreed period of time but as you do not own the car, you don't carry all of the responsibilities that ownership brings. In addition, as you pay a fixed monthly fee for the agreed period you should be able to budget more effectively, and the cost is often cheaper than a personal loan. All of this could mean you have access to a higher value car than you may otherwise wish to purchase on your own, and you can drive a brand new Mazda every few years.

Cash Buyer

Maybe you've been squirreling away your pennies to buy that Mazda you’ve had your eye on - so that you can pay for it with one lump sum. But what if Mazda Financial Services can show you a better way of making it happen? Talk to our sales team today to find out how you can make buying a Mazda work for your wallet.

  • In the event of total loss of your vehicle, your insurance cover will only pay the current market value. RTI covers the difference between the price you pay for your vehicle and the insurance settlement.

  • This top quality product keeps vehicles in pristine condition by providing cover against repairing costs.

  • As a Mazda driver, you obviously appreciate the reliability, safety and overall driving satisfaction that are synonymous with the brand.

    To compliment your Mazda experience, we would like to introduce you to the Norton Way Mazda service plan. Service Plan offers an easy and convenient way for you to budget for all of your vehicle’s scheduled servicing for the next, two, three or four years – frozen at today’s prices and without the worry of a bill to pay for.

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