MX-5 BBR Turbo kit - Good for 155mph!

Introducing the 155MPH Turbo powered MX-5 from tuning specialists BBR. This Stage 1 tubo kit has been meticulously enginereed for the current generation MX-5 2.0-litre. The Kit increased the power output to 248bhp, 236lb ft, rocketing the little roaster from 0 to 62mph in just 5 seconds flat with maximum power being delivered at 7,150rpm.

This increase in power ends the 0-62 sprint time a whole 2.3 seconds quicker than the standard 158bhp production car and extends the top speed from 133mph to a limited 155mph.

Included in this stage 1 kit is the twin-scroll turbo, a new exhaust manifold and downpipe, a re-worked ECU and all-new interooler set up, plus fresh sensors, induction equipment and reinforced plumbing.

The kit is going to set you back £4,995 or if you're feeling brave and fancy fitting it yourself, £4,395. BBR says the conversions is fully reversible, has 12 or 36-month warranty packages, and doesn’t push your emissions or engine idle revs to MoT-failure territory. 

So if you have £5k spare and fancy making your icon of a sports car absolutely bonkers, then why not?

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