Return to Invoice Insurance from £399.00

In the event of total loss of your vehicle, your insurance cover will only pay the current market value. RTI covers the difference between the price you pay for your vehicle and the insurance settlement.

Here's what usually happens.
You buy a new car for, say, £14,000. A year later, it gets written off by the insurance company following an accident or theft. In this event, you'd be sent a cheque for the current market value: call it £10,000. Which means either finding another £4,000 to buy a similar replacement, or settling for something not quite as good. And what's worse, with every passing year, that shortfall's just going to get bigger.

When you have Return to Invoice Insurance…
You buy the same car for £14,000, and the same misfortune strikes. But as well as the cheque for £10,000 from the insurance company, you get one from us for £4,000, too. Which means you can replace the car like for like. With cover for up to three years, it doesn't matter how much your insurance company pays out: we'll make sure you get what you originally paid (vehicle purchase price excludes dealer fitted accessories).

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