Cosmetic Repair Insurance from £399.00

Cosmetic repair insurance allows you to protect your vehicle against unsightly minor cosmetic damage. This innovative cover helps protect the vehicle’s appearance and value and ensures that showroom fresh finish is maintained, perfect for motorists who take pride in their vehicle’s appearance. Cosmetic Warranty ensures that repairs are carried out by Car Care Plan approved technicians and the cover is eligible for both new and used cars.

Optional cover is available between 1-3 years covering you between 6-18 claims.

Benefits of cosmetic repair:

  • Help maintain trade-in value
  • Deal quickly and fairly with a claim
  • Repair the vehicle to the highest quality

Repair Detail

  • Scuffs- Up to 30cm diameter, 3mm depth
  • Dents- Up to 30cm diameter, 3mm depth
  • Chips- Up to 3mm diameter, 1.5mm depth
  • Scratch- Up to 30cm diameter, 3mm depth

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