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Mazda Winter Health Service

Be ready this winter for just £99

The joy of driving your Mazda comes with the added peace of mind this winter. Here at Norton Way Mazda we understand the challenges this cold season brings for you and your vehicle, so, we are providing you with our Mazda Winter Health Service. Our service is designed to ensure your vehicle remains safe in these winter conditions - we will carry out a thorough multi-point safely check including steering, suspension, brakes, exhaust system, engine bay,  anti-freeze concentration check, a battery test, checking the operation of the lights and performance of the wipers, finally servicing the engine by replacing the oil and oil filter and topping-up all key fluid levels. We will also run a system diagnostic test, check and update any software that is required. Your Digital Service Record will also be updated. This offer is just £99 including VAT.

Service Breakdown

- Replacement Engine Oil and Oil Filter

- Key Fluid Top-Up

- Multi-Point Safety Check

- Battery Condition Test and Report

- Diagnostic Test and Software Check/Updates

- Digital Service Record Updated

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